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New Patient Appointment

This pricing includes a consultation with Dr. Armstrong, nutrition consultation, examination, adjustment, variety of tests, foot scan and brief, focused medical massage.


Continuing Care

This pricing includes an adjustment with Dr. Armstrong, nutrition consultation and a brief, focused medical massage.


Continuing Care

This pricing includes an adjustment and/or nutrition consultation with Dr. Armstrong

Pricing: Rates


TeleHealth Virtual Visit

This Virtual Visit includes a consultation with Dr. Armstrong through a video link sent directly to your phone or email.


Infant and Youth Chiropractic Continued Care Visit

This pricing is for youths under the age of 16. 

Infant pricing is determined at the visit. 


Blood Panels Available

We offer a variety of blood panels and individual lab testing. Includes blood work, omegas and fatty acids, metals, and Vitamin D testing.

Pricing varies according to the test ordered.

WholeCare is non-participating with insurance. All fees are paid at the time of the visit. Invoices with Diagnosis Codes are provided for you to turn into your insurance, depending on your current medical plan provider.

Pricing: Rates
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