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Dr. Jack Armstrong has been practicing holistic health care since 1979.  Over the ensuing 40+ years he has been integrating and developing his unique approach.  By using chiropractic techniques that emphasize relaxation and ease during treatment he has found that most patients can obtain wonderful results without the intensive treatment schedules often needed when the body is “forced” to change.

 His approach includes gentle coaching and encouragement to make the lifestyle changes to heal and maximize each patient’s health.  He has supported people of all ages and stages of their lives and considers it an honor to be trusted to help them achieve their desired health goals.

Over the years, Dr. Armstrong has continuously studied and practiced whole food based clinical nutrition and synthesizes his ongoing interest in diet, herbology, emotional well-being and wholeness into everything he does.

Dr. Armstrong is married to artist Elizabeth James (Lisa), and together they have a beautiful, blended family with five children and four incredible grandchildren who all know how to have fun.  When not enjoying family time, Dr. Armstrong is passionate about supporting personal growth through his involvement in The Mankind Project for the past 20 years.  His desire is that every human creates the best life possible for themselves.

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