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Virtual Visits

WholeCare offers virtual care through a Tele-Health platform. Dr. Armstrong is able to interpret blood work and communicate results to you through this platform, as well as nutritional and overall health support.



New Patient Information - What to Expect

This first visit with Dr. Armstrong is intentional and special. 

After a brief tour of the office, you will begin your consultation with Dr. Armstrong and talk about your history, present complaints, diet and lifestyle patterns, along with your intentions and expectations. After a brief assessment of vital signs, nutrient screening and any other indicated evaluations, you will be examined by Dr. Armstrong. If an adjustment is indicated, he will provide an expert, non-aggressive chiropractic adjustment to be followed by a brief, focused medical massage by a talented Licensed Massage Therapist. 

Your health issues may lead to the need for further testing or blood chemistries to determine the best way to provide effective natural solutions for solving your chronic health issues. Please plan for 1 1/2 hours.



The Dr.'s Recommendations

Dr. Armstrong may recommend follow-up visits to help you achieve your goals. After which routine maintenance may be recommended, varying from every 4 weeks to every 3 months and so on. Dr. Armstrong will recommend the best option for you, depending on the care that you prefer.
Schedule your next appointment with the Front Desk when you checkout or call in today to schedule.

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Partnering with Foot Levelers, WholeCare offers custom orthotics to support you from the ground up. Catalogs and pricing are available for you to select the perfect inserts for your lifestyle. Free foot scans are available at each visit, or call to schedule your foot scan today!


Partnering with LabCorp, WholeCare offers a variety of blood work for your specific needs. Dr. Armstrong is available to recommend the correct lab testing as well as interpretation of results. Call today for his recommendation!


Systems Survey is a collection of information to best determine your nutritional needs. It is a survey sent directly to your phone or email. After you complete the survey, Dr. Armstrong will make suggestions to help you meet the nutritional needs of your body - whether it be through supplements, diet and lifestyle change, or all of the above in a scheduled appointment. Call today to order your free survey!


Handouts with exercises are available for your specific needs. Dr. Armstrong may recommend for you to add a variety of exercises or stretches into your lifestyle. Easy to use handouts are available at each appointment, or can be sent directly to your email.

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