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Transformational Holistic Health CareTransformational Holistic Health Care

You may have heard of us. Dr. Jack Armstrong founded WholeCare over 36 years ago on the philosophy that people, when properly moved, nourished, touched, encouraged, and respected, would experience less pain and disease and better general health. Carrying on this holistic philosophy, Dr. Armstrong and the staff at WholeCare partner with patients to provide the unique insight and expertise our patients have come to trust.

You will be seen as a whole person. You have vital information about your health and so we will listen to you. Jack Armstrong, D.C. provides complete holistic care, including chiropractic care, nutritional support and guidance, and encouragement to change the patterns of life that may limit your enjoyment of good health. He is joined by a talented array of health practitioners offering a broad spectrum of healing methods. If you are choosing to make a personal investment to improve your health, we will be honored to assist you in navigating life towards that goal.

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