People We Work With, Support, and Trust

Synergy Holistic Health Center - Acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy, and more
Mimi Tagher, Mary Ellen Moore, and others

Phoenix Possibilities, Inc® - Consciousness training for our changing world
Cliff Jumping® series.  Lucy Morris, Paula Sellars.
Dr. Armstrong and Lisa did this program and found it profoundly life changing.

Jeanne Miller, M.T. - Therapuetic Massage, Emotional Energy Balancing, Conscious Living and Conscious Dying
Dr. Armstrong's personal massage therapist and healthcare giver for 20 + years.
3752 Elsmere Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45212
(513) 351-7551

Dr. Mara Kleinman - Advanced Integrative Therapy
Meridian Balancing Technique
Adolescents and Adults
Gifted Psychologist
4422 Carver Woods Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 984-2800

VistaLynk Solutions, LLC - Partnerships in Motion: A Renaissance in Aging 
Programs to enhance the lives of elders and those in partnership with them.
Molly Fanning Prues, Crysta Parks-McCray

Robin Wood Flowers - Best florist in town - Trust the healing, connecting, and encouraging power of flowers.
Beautiful website

Netcrafters Internet Development - Our gifted web designers
Randy Weeks and Jane Pugliano

WholeLiving Journal - Free local holistic magazine
Editor- Tara Robinson

Dr. Richard J. Chanin, DMD - Holistic dentistry
Practices biological dentistry, which is based on the concept that the mouth and oral structures are an integrated part of the body.

Ruth Ellerbusch, MA, LPC, EMDR II - EMDR
Frees your limitations caused by trauma, large and small

Nicholson Personal Energy Professionals - New Beliefs equal New Success, Instantly.
Energy classes and coaching for business and individuals.
Barb and Mort Nicholson

Shireen McKenzie, M.M.
(513) 543-7791
Shireen Ardeshir McKenzie comes from a family of psychics and healers and has trained with masters in her native India and other countries.  Drawing on a broad array of abilities and resources including psychic experiences, spiritual and healing practices, Yoga, Reiki, Astrology, and a gift for music, Shireen utilizes all available channels to evoke, access, and reflect your own sources of guidance.  Sessions may include intuitive card readings, guided imagery, visualizations, the use of crystals, music, and sound to facilitate the free flow of energy- whatever will most effectively help you explore your life's issues.

Kelly Chadwick, LMT, CSI
(513) 582-5713
Kelly Chadwick is a 2005 graduate of the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage.  In 2008 she completed her studies in KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) Structural Integration and became a Board Certified Structural Integrator.  It was during her KMI training that she discovered her passion for structural bodywork.  She is attracted to the energetic, emotional, and spiritual changes that occur with this work.  It's a gift to be able to help facilitate profound shifts in awareness.  Kelly is a teacher in training with the Kinesis School.  Her current focus is working with children and teenagers.  Kelly offers KMI sessions, relaxation and deep tissue massage, Reiki, and raindrop sessions at Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts in Blue Ash.

Ed Gutfreund

(513) 319-4432

Ed Gutfreund works as a body-oriented psychotherapist and educator.  He draws on the wisdom of movement, reflection, neurobiology, music, dissociation, attachment, spirituality, community conversation, massage, and creativity to support living safely in your body.

Ed Kluska

(513) 861-6100
Astrology and Meditation

Women Writing for (a) Change
(513)272-1171                                                                                 Women writing is an organization that fosters the art of writing through the practice of community, where the voices and words of individuals from all walks of life are nurtured and developed, and their life stories are celebrated. 

J.Clark Echols, Jr., MDiv, PC
(513)284-1236                                                                                          Offering a holistic therapy, including mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and spiritual development, that compliments and enhances all the ways you are caring for your physical, mental and spiritual life.

Shannon K. Chavez, CPA

Our wonderful accountant and business advisor. We highly recommend her services.

 Andrea Ciafardini-EPT Practitioner (Emotional Polarity Technique)

 Gloria Esenwein, LMT A Healing Place- 5608 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45248.  (513) 481-7400

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